About Circle Of Savages

About Circle Of Savages

Alotta people underestimate and judge hip hop in Canada, and to me that means You’re not listening to the lyrics. These artists are talking about struggles you have never been through. Having to live under that light is dangerous. Put yourself in their shoes. They gotta work hard just to survive, and they’re going to keep surviving. You also gotta see that they’re trying to live life through a form positivity through music. These artists put themselves in other peoples eyes every time a song is played and it can teach someone something through their experiences. Nobody talks about the struggle because nobody wants to understand it. This is why Hip Hop gives us our voice. Next time you listen to real hip hop, listen to the lyricism. I chose the savage name because it’s so controversial, that’s what the hip hop world was built off of. No matter what your perspective is, your entitled to your opinion. Some people don’t agree with the savage name because it’s racist, but To me, in a that racial perspective, is that no matter what the assimilation process did to our traditions and culture through torture, we were and always are, a surviving humble people. Savage or not, I don’t let the name define me. You should do the same. I look to own the name, and do positive things through my music. Try understand where I’m coming from, and let me show you how far I’ve come. In a broader perspective, there’s other people flaunting savage in a negative way out there, I’m not. That’s the positive difference I bring, because to me, the whole Circle Of Savages is a Family. Together we are stronger. 

Circle of Savages was created to bring Peoples of all backgrounds together as one community. To unite us under one name. This word savage was used as a derogatory term to define Native Aboriginal People, thus we shall rise from it and wear our name as a badge of honour and For the purpose to promote special talents.

We were given the name Savage, as means to keep us down in society. The Native “Indian” did not fit into the norm of the colonizers dream, therefore we are savages. Several generations later, we have and continue to rise from our given status. We are the generations that cannot be killed or forgotten. 

To be Savage, is to be warriors in the most humble way possible. Our people lived balanced lives before contact. In order to get back to our roots, then we must accept who we are now, and who we were then. We must become humble with ourselves, even if that means being Savage in today’s age. 

Be the Warriors you all are by showing the kindness our elders taught us. Be there for one another, help each other without expectation. By whatever means, show the world how humble us Savages really are. 

We are all Warriors; men, women, and children alike, because we are all fighting a battle no one knows about. Help each other by giving! Give your attention, time, words of reassurance, listen without judgement, lift each other up or show appreciation. Give without expectation of reimbursement. 

We are not perfect people but we are the generations our grandfathers warned about. We are the change, We are the Circle of Savages.
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MAY 10TH, 2018


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