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About Skulastic

Skulastic is a Canadian rapper and producer, hailing from Vancouver, BC. She cites influences from the '90s such as Mos Def, Queen Latifah and Rakim. She's been playing shows and honing her craft in and around BC for 7 years now. 

Her vocal delivery is chilled out, confident and clear, landing somewhere between Fugees-era Lauryn Hill and Warren G's conversational style. There are even hints of G's west coast influence bleeding through in the production style of her beats: sampling R&B, blues jazz, and funk. As a trained classical piano player she also incorporates a lot of her own production into her beats. 

Skulastic's lyrical ability is impressive. Her words betray a wise head, and no ground is tread twice, daring you to listen on and see where she's going next. There is also a strong sense of connection forged between listener and artist the deeper you wade into Skulastic. 

I see and hear people, mostly my friends getting frustrated or happy with things and I think, yeah let me write a song about that. That we can all relate to because I am going through that or feeling that too” when asked where her song lyrics come from.

When it comes to connecting with the listener, Skulastic is in her element and streets ahead of even her collaborators. Skulastic makes music that you can get inside, and Skulastic proves to be involving and consistently interesting lyrically. We were left wanting more, but you can't help but be impressed by Skulastic's obvious talent and incisive mind. Skulastic herself is a self assured, confident woman realizing and thriving on her potential and we look forward to hearing where she goes from here.


Skulastic - Self Titled Debut Album - 2013
Beats By Skulastic Vol. 1 - 2014
Ups And Downs - Ep - 2014
Beats By Skulastic Vol. 2 - 2017
In the works - follow up full length album
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