The COS (pronounced 'cause')

The COS is a council of youth leaders who voice and satisfy the needs of the youth within our communities.
"We are real leaders within our communities leading life by example for our youth."
Here are our leaders that represent the youth:


Jared Settee

About Jared Settee
Jared Settee is from Cumberland House Cree Nation. He is 20 years old and started to become a youth role model when he was 12. He joined Cumberland House 975th Cadet Corp and he went from Private in his first year to Chief Warrant Officer in his last year. Chief Warrant Officer is the highest Rank you can Achieve in the 975th! Jared became one of the most outstanding Cadets, with over 6000 hrs of volunteer hours in the past 8 years! Classed as the top marksman with the highest records in the Physical Training Test, he is very proud to have completed the 20 km march in full combat gear! On his 5th year, Jared became a Senior Medic Officer after he received his First Aid, CPR, and Life Guarding Certificates. Here is a list of some of the Awards he received in the 8 years he was a cadet: Top Junior Cadet (3 times received before he became a Senior), Top Senior Cadet (received 4 times), Top Marksman, Top Performance, Honorary Cadet, received Award of Excellence from The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, and Received Medal of Leadership level 1,2, & 3.
In the year 2015, Jared became a Junior Vice Chief in the community of Cumberland House. They were promised money to provide equipment and activities for the community, but nothing was given, so the Jr Chief, and Jr Vice Chief Jared started to do activities without Chief and Council's help. They created many things out of nothing. They ended up buying a gaming business, which lasted 2 years, then the new Mayor shut them down with no explanation why. One of the Greatest accomplishments and title Jared achieved, was becoming a Big Brother (nickname: Brother Bear) to the youth of his community.
"We never got paid for any of this", he said, "we did it all from the heart."