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About Phurius Musik

Jordan is our: Team Leader, Brand Owner, Motivational Speaker, and Indigenous Hip Hop Artist that goes by the name of "Phurius Musik". Phurius was born in a small town located in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. His motivating factors are based on the environment around him. Politics, education, health, and the struggles of life are a few broad examples of what his music speaks about.
His first single in 2016, “For My Haters”, hit over 50 FM radio stations across the North American Continent, and a few more stations overseas! Phurius Musik is completely self-taught and self-made in every aspect of his art. He has successfully created his own platform for underground artists to promote themselves across the world! He’s also created his own music and clothing brand called the Circle Of Savages in 2018. The COS (pronounced 'cause') is where he strives to make a difference and spark the positive cause of change within our communities.

About Joey Fresh

Joseph is a Canadian Hip Hop Artist that goes by the name Joey Fresh. Joey was born in a small city in Central Saskatchewan. He is also the Founder & CEO of the Hip Hop group Koncrete Maniacs. 
Joey grew up tough. When he was just a young boy, he lost his Father and 
Uncle tragically to a double homicide in his home city. He dropped out of school and turned to drugs and alcohol. He went into a deep depression and used "partying" as a way to cope, but it never really cut it. The only real thing that helped him was music. He started off as a freestyle rapper between age 15-18. He started writing music when he was 19 and ever since he picked up a pencil, he has been doing great for himself. He has performed at over 100 shows across Saskatchewan and Alberta! He has also performed for huge venues that were sold out at the Saskatoon Event Centre! He has 7 years of performing experience, with that experience he opened up for big named artists such as; Xzibit, T.I, Maino, Rich Hommie Quan, YG, R.A the Rugged Man, Red man & Methodman, Machine Gun Kelly, Snak The ripper, Merkules & many more..


About Splisik

Walter, aka Splisik, was born in a small city in Central, Saskatchewan, Canada. He began making music at the age of 15, self-producing his own original instrumentals on Fruity Loops Studio, as well as recording over them using his laptop and a Rockband Microphone.

Taking on the stage name Mylez Kahpeechoose, he started performing at open mic nights around his hometown. Since then, from the reserves to the cites, he began telling his story about many of his own problems. Most of which were dealing with the foster care system because he was constantly in & out foster homes. Eventually, he left the system on his own free will.

After losing so much of his family and friends to many negative forms, he felt he couldn’t get out of the cycle that he was in and turned to alcohol. He took a step back and quit music for a few years to reflect on his life, and it wasn't until he picked up the mic again when he came back a more stronger and resilient artist. Now, Mylez is known as the Indigenous Hip-Hop Rapper Splisik, who is also the CEO of Savage Dynasty Records.


2015: Voices Of The North performing his Single “Let The World Know” off a project that was never finished, but he made opportunities to speak to conferences and reserves about the issues surrounding Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Suicide amongst youth in isolated reservations. LINK TO SONG :


2015: Travelling to Six Nations Youth Seminar Group where he learned how to utilize crowd control and to engage an audience as well as stage presence through his mentor Jace Martin. “Intro to Music” from SNCYO


Splisik has created known partnerships w/ the COS aka Circle Of Savages, Koncrete Maniacs & Rezvibe Entertainment!


“I like helping people to become more motivated, because I noticed a lack of motivation in our communities”


Dark Past Bright Future (2014) - Splisik

About 2 Break EP (2018) - Splisik

Heart Break In The LimeLight EP (2019) - Splisik (Pending Release)

Aggressive Therapy (2019) - Splisik (Pending Release)


About Boxcar Nobody

Boxcar grew up a bit of a screw up.. he got kicked out of his mothers house at the ripe young age of 14. Not having a father figure or having proper guidance, he did the best he could trying to get by in life.

Fowarding to 16 years old. Feeling alone, as many youth do, he turned to drugs for comfort. Suffering through a series of failed relationships, it led him to work on himself and seek help to get sober through the power of music (hip-hop)

2 years later, he decided to venture off to Alberta to find his fortune. After trying his hand at many different lines of work, he found his love for metal and became a blacksmith and welder.

5 years later, after going a life of ups and downs, major twists and turns, Boxcar picked up the pen in a serious way. He came with a mission to help lost young kids avoid the same route through music. Boxcar spent close to 10 years in the Edmonton Hip Hop Scene, from the ages of 18 to 28. 
In that time met most of the city's heavy hitters.

Now in 2019, he is in beautiful Saskatchewan with a fiance, home and 3 children, recently joining C.O.S in May of 2019. He is ready to spread his message of awareness to lost youth everywhere!


About SDB Loyal.

Vancouver born, Chris Turner aka Loyal. or Loyal'T' is definitely no stranger to the stage. Beginning with the death of his close personal friend, Loyal'T' began making music in his early teens. Through many trials & tribulations of his own he has never quit making music. Almost a decade & a half later he has certainly established a name for himself. Loyal. has worked with artists like: Kevin Gates, Rick Ross, MadChild, Demrick, Afu-Ra, Choclair, Saukrates, Merkules, Moka Only, JD Era, Gee Wunder, K-Blitz, + More..

Loyal'T has toured with Artists: Obie Trice & Swollen Members, As well he has headlined 2 of his own. Merry Christmas B*tch & Fat Dabs & Donuts.

He Has Shared The Stage with Artists: The Rascalz, Classified, Mobb Deep, French Montana, Fat Joe, Young Jeezy, Onyx, The Game, Adlib, Demrick, DemiGodz, SDK, Memphis Bleek + More...

Along with Running his own Rap Battle League [RYSRB] or Rep Yo'Self Rap Battles, He has branded his name & music in Canadian Hip Hop as an Official Canadian Hip Hop Representative.
Loyal'T's music can be described as one word "Passionate". That seems to be his draw. When asked, Loyal. responds "I take my music very seriously & a lot of my songs relate very closely with my life." This makes it very easy to relate to him & also understand where he is coming from in his art. Loyal. partnered w/ COS aka Circle Of Savages & Asylum House Records. He is also Sponsored by Blunts & Kicks. Loyal.'s next project is set to have some very big Industry Names involved & he hopes to follow the project w/ a National & International Tour. A very humble down to earth person Loyal'T' if not already, is soon to be in your favorites playlist.



"I remember first performing at a bowling alley / rock bar on Sunday's for Open Mic night in Lethbridge Alberta, lol, Lets just say they weren't huge fans of hip hop or myself".

On My Free Time - 2010
Mr.Loyal'T' - 2011
Rum & Doobies - 2013
Tim Hortons & Chem Trails - 2014
Welcome To The Dogg House - 2014
Sleepy Hollows - 2015
Merry Christmas Bitch - 2016
Executive Producer: Rob The Viking
Fat Dabs & Donuts - 2017
Purple Lean & Pez - 2017 

British Columbia

About Skulastic

Skulastic is a Canadian rapper and producer, hailing from Vancouver, BC. She cites influences from the '90s such as Mos Def, Queen Latifah and Rakim. She's been playing shows and honing her craft in and around BC for 7 years now. 
Her vocal delivery is chilled out, confident and clear, landing somewhere between Fugees-era Lauryn Hill and Warren G's conversational style. There are even hints of G's west coast influence bleeding through in the production style of her beats: sampling R&B, blues jazz, and funk. As a trained classical piano player she also incorporates a lot of her own production into her beats. 
Skulastic's lyrical ability is impressive. Her words betray a wise head, and no ground is tread twice, daring you to listen on and see where she's going next. There is also a strong sense of connection forged between listener and artist the deeper you wade into Skulastic. 
I see and hear people, mostly my friends getting frustrated or happy with things and I think, yeah let me write a song about that. That we can all relate to because I am going through that or feeling that too” when asked where her song lyrics come from.
When it comes to connecting with the listener, Skulastic is in her element and streets ahead of even her collaborators. Skulastic makes music that you can get inside, and Skulastic proves to be involving and consistently interesting lyrically. We were left wanting more, but you can't help but be impressed by Skulastic's obvious talent and incisive mind. Skulastic herself is a self assured, confident woman realizing and thriving on her potential and we look forward to hearing where she goes from here.
Skulastic - Self Titled Debut Album - 2013
Beats By Skulastic Vol. 1 - 2014
Ups And Downs - Ep - 2014
Beats By Skulastic Vol. 2 - 2017
In the works - follow up full length album


About J.Otis